1oz Hair Growth & Strengthening Formula

1oz Hair Growth & Strengthening Formula

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Apply 3 droppers full this formula to your daily shampoo & conditioner for regular use.

2X per week use as a hot oil treatment. Leave in for up to 2 hrs then rinse. 



Concentrated Rosemary oil - Rosemary is a culinary & healing herb used for centuries for its multiple healing benefits.  Promotes hair growth, prevents premature graying & dandruff. It may also help dry or itchy scalp.

Hemp seed oil - Helps to add volume and strengthens the strands. Those having hair loss issues can also turn to the use of this oil to promote hair growth. It moisturizes the hair & helps with the underlying problem of the dry scalp.

Avocado oil - Strengthen & moisturizes the hair shaft also helps prevent breakage. Promotes hair growth.

Passion fruit oil (Maracuja oil) - Strengthen hair to prevent it from splitting and breaking. The high antioxidant content in maracuja protects against hair loss. Moisturizing properties of this oil are effective for conditioning hair to enhance volume.  Can even be used on lashes for feathery volume and healthier lashes.

Carrot seed oil - Increase circulation & stimulate the development of new cells, which creates a healthy environment for hair to grow.  Helps avoid split ends.

Bhringraj root - Treats dandruff & dry scalp.  Prevents graying of hair. Treats baldness, prevents hair fall, promotes & helps hair grow.

Black seed oil - Reduces inflammation, stimulates hair growth, reduces flakiness & sensitivity. If you don't have any scalp conditions, it helps to make hair healthy, hydrated & shiny with consistent use.