Good As Gold Oil  1oz

Good As Gold Oil 1oz

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Our formulated blend of Organic Rosehip oil & Pure cold pressed Tamanu oil infused with Calendula pedals will moisturize, restore, soothe and heal your skin. Filled with essential fatty acids and vitamins.  Can be applied from head to toe.  Will promote the formation of new tissue and healthy skin.  Its regenerative properties can diminish the appearance of stretch marks,   gently heal any scarring from acne, dark spots or small wounds.  It has linoleic acid which targets wrinkles.  Restores the skin to a more toned, supple state enabling it to get maximum benefit from future treatments.

Helps with inflammatory skin conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Can also help with cuts, burns,  stings, bites, dry skin and even body and foot odor.
 Its fluid, non-greasy fast absorbing texture leaves skin feeling soft and nourished.  

Apply topically daily, preferably at bedtime on clean skin. After patch test can be used on any skin conditions. Easy to use and carry roller applicator.  Keep in cool dark place. 

Can be mixed into your own skin and body care products to maximize benefits regularly.

* * People with a tree nut allergy should avoid Tamanu oil, as the oil is pressed from the nut of the Calophyllum inophyllum tree.


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